Project Brief:

Client reach out us with an idea to develop a e-commerce store in WordPress to start his business online. We welcome the idea and discuss with client with detail what type of website he want to create and he has any design in mind or not.

Client respond us that he has sample designs and templates we have to develop similar to this, He wants the similar design with aliexpress and want to do drop shopping with that website. We accept the design and call a meting for this project and handover the tasks to its relevant person like designer, developer and optimizer. We also offer him a first month free SEO and digital marketing services from us and he avail the offer happily and start working with us. We require some information from him.


Step 01

Gather all information

After accepting this project, We start collection all relevant information and material that will help us to develop this website easily and with accuracy. We call meeting and give tasks to its relevant experts to collect metrical and handover to developer to start project as soon as possible as he get all required information. Some information we get from client like, design, niche, theme or templet, other developing material are our experts responsibility , after collecting all data we verity it and handover it to developer.


Step 02

Development Started

After analyzing all data that we have collected, Developer start its finger magic on website, and create a beautiful and stunning website. Before finishing our task we send it to client many times and client require more changes every time and we honor to follow it because we believe in client satisfaction not only earning bucks. issue that we are facing while development is number of traffic count that website can get and handle it easily after first launch website getting double traffic as expected and got too slow, client ask to revise it and solve this issue we revise it and fix the issue and make the website more lighter and with more bandwidth that can handle tons of users easily.


Step 03

Finally We Finish the Job

After revising the website and fixing the issue we send it to our client to get final remark and finish it, Client was very happy to see new version of website and give us positive feedback with future work assurance. We offered him first month marketing and he avail it and start getting sales in first month and give us bonus per sale that he get with free marketing and we are happy to have it. This was our story with this development project you want to start your please contact us now.

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